INAMC - IAMRA 2023 Bali

IAMRA 2023 Bali

IAMRA 2023 Bali • 6 - 9 November 2023 • Merusaka Nusa Dua • Bali

Indonesian medical council (INAMC)

The Indonesian Medical Council or INAMC is an autonomous body, independent, non-structural and are independent, which is responsible to the President. INAMC was established on 29 April 2005 in Jakarta, whose members consist of 17 (seventeen) people, are representative of The Indonesian Teaching Hospital Association : 2 (two) persons, Indonesian Collegium of Medicine : 1 (one) person, Executive Board of The Indonesian Medical Association : 2 (two) persons, Association Of Dental Education Institutions Indonesia : 2 (two) persons, Indonesian Dental Association : 2 (two) persons, Indonesian Collegium of Dentistry : 1 (one) person, Public Figures : 3 (three) persons, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia : 2 (two) persons, and Ministry of Education and Culture Republic Indonesia : 2 (two) persons. INAMC has functions, and duties as mandated in Article 7 of the Medical Practice Act number 29 of 2004 (UUPK) which are to register doctors and dentists, to legitimate the professional education standards of doctors and dentists, and to provide guidance to the implementation of medical practice conducted with related institutions in order to improve the quality of medical services. In performing the function and duties referred to in Article 7 of UUPK, INAMC has the authority under Article 8 of UUPK which are to approve and to reject the application for registration of doctors and dentists, to issue and to withdraw the registration letter of doctor and dentist, to legitimate the competence standard for doctor and dentist, conducting the testing toward the registration requirements, to legitimate the implementations of the branch of medicine and dentistry, to provide guidance concerning profession ethics set by the professional organization for doctor and dentist, to record the names of doctor and dentists who get the sanction from professional organization due to the violation of profession ethics.

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